Spring Term 2017


The main topics this term are Calculations, Fractions and Geometry (properties of shapes and direction).

EnglishThis term's English work is based around the book 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver, which is set in the end of the Stone Age, beginning of the Bronze Age. 

History and Art will link into this book through study of the Stone Age and  cave paintings.

In order to build a chronological understanding of History pupils will also look at the development of writing over time. 

Science topics will include 'The Earth in Space' and 'How sound is made'.

The RE theme is 'How do we know how to live?' which covers questions of; knowing right from wrong,  finding a moral code, and understanding what different religions teach about rules for life.

Autumn Term 2016 Curriculum Overview

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Whitehall Residential Summer 2015

Learning computing using bricks.